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Trust only the best to amplify your Voice

When it comes to your music or content you want the best quality to achive a maximum impact. Operating a big soundsystem with many channels and effects is an art based on knowledge, training and experience. In the Vintage Audiocrew int. you find people that meet your demands and will truely amplify your vision in the best possible way.

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Big Network

Vintage Audiocrew int. is a Group of highly skilled, trained and experienced Soundengineers based in Switzerland with members also in Germany and Austria. Founded by Livesound Veteran Markus Schellstede in 2015, the Group makes shure that clients always get the best Service and Audio Personell for their Production. Our members handle Events of all Sizes, no Matter how complex and challenging. What we do: FOH for Corporate, Rock, Pop and Classical Events, Planning and Calculations - of PA and Audiomaterial for Venues of all sizes, HF Management, Booking of Personell and Microphone Support on Site

With less words: all you need to have a perfect Sound!


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